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iPlanner is a pioneer in effectively blending onshore and offshore development teams to fully-leverage the advantages of a global delivery model. We utilize a three-tier approach that includes on-site, offsite/onshore, and offshore teams. We understand that going offshore can introduce several challenges, including communication, culture, security and geopolitical risks. Our global delivery model has been designed from a ground up to address these challenges. Most importantly, iPlanner’s global delivery operations in India provide clients with both the quality and economic advantages expected from an offshore model..

Our facility in New Delhi, India is designed to provide clients with the following key advantages:

High-Quality Development:

iPlanner only hires top application developers for our software development center. In addition, we maintain a common hiring process and culture between our U.S. and India centers to ensure consistent results. All employees go through a rigorous training and induction process, including background checks.

Adaptive Sourcing:

In addition to the core team for continuity and control, iPlanner also employs a variable capacity model, quickly bringing resources to the team to address spikes in demand. These new resources are already iPlanner employees, subject to the same background screening and technical evaluations.

Local Accountability:

iPlanner provides each of its clients with a local account management and project management team. This team works closely with our India office to keep the offshore experience seamless to our clients. The local, onsite team provides a single point of accountability for the successful delivery of the engagement.

Access to Specialized Skill Sets:

Access to Specialized Skill Sets: iPlanner’s clients have access to our team of specialists with significant knowledge in the applications and infrastructure domains. These experts bring deep expertise in specialized areas, including technical architecture design, data migration and porting, database management and performance, QA and testing, and application development and support.

Extended Service Levels:

The time-zone differences between the U.S. and India allow our onsite and offshore teams to work in parallel, creating a virtual 24-hour work cycle. This enables iPlanner to offer equivalent or higher levels of service, including 24x7 coverage, at a lower price point than most companies are paying today.

Reduced Costs:

By working with iPlanner’s well-established, offshore development center, clients can utilize India’s highly-qualified software engineering resources while reaping the benefits of a global delivery model.

Robust Technology Resources: