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IT Staffing

IT Staffing At iPlanner,

We help Procurement and Recruiting departments faced with the challenge of filling multiple IT-related openings for either long-term employment, or short-term projects. They need to find reliable candidates, with the right expertise, quickly and at the right cost to enable their company to remain competitive, and to increase profit and efficiency.

iPlanner provides the IT contract resources you need to implement crucial projects, handle short-term assignments, or fulfill long-term placements. Our IT staffing services free you from the challenges of finding, recruiting, training and retaining high-quality professional staff, and allow you to focus on managing your business growth.

We provide the ongoing skill development to ensure that professionals placed at your site are trained in leading technologies to support your information technology hardware, software, and network infrastructure. Augment your staff for short or long-term engagements, or for specialized expertise on specific projects.We have more than 15 years of staffing industry knowledgeand can provide you with superiorcandidates to match your technical and professional needs.

Why iPlanner?

We go the extra mile to work closely with our customers to clearly understand their business environment and the required staffing resource requirements. We ensure that candidates have the education and experience necessary to perform well in the role, as well as the personality profile and character traits necessary for fulfilling the job duties. A good fit for the job also means being a good fit for the company.

Our recruiting team identifies the most qualified candidates for each position. We have a high ratio of candidates who are selected by our clients, and our associates report high employee satisfaction scores, attributed to their knowledge of the client environment in advance.


iPlanner recruiters have extensive experience recruiting the right candidates for your positions.We operate six talent recruiting centers globally, including recruiters placed throughout the U.S., as well as large off shore operations in India and the Philippines. These centers allow us to support your local and global staffing needs.