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Optimizing technology to extend the efficiency and versatility of your existing systems and processes is a sound business practice—and critical in a tough economy where efficiency is key.
The Microsoft technology platform delivers major efficiencies by combining highly functional products and a consistent and familiar user interface for ease of adoption and seamless integration.
This platform supports people and processes across your organization, your marketplaces and your supply chains.

iPlanner is a partner that not only helps you to deploy individual Microsoft products; but also helps develop and integrate solutions—both internal and 3rd party—leveraging Microsoft tools and technology.iPlanner’s accreditations in multiple competencies—and recognition as a top Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SharePoint provider—combined with our proven implementation and support services, help you extend the effectiveness of the Microsoft product portfolio for your organization.

Microsoft Solutions

  • Constituent Services Manager
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft CRM Solution for Insurance
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Banking
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Local and Regional Government
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Suite for Healthcare
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Organizations need access to high-quality, reliable and accurate data, so it can be analyzed quickly to make sound business decisions. It must also adapt easily to the constant shifts in the marketplace, so you can react—in real-time—to what your competitors are doing.
iPlanner’s Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) solution provides a powerful range of BI tools, dashboards and reports to help you analyze key metrics and data to see the complete view of your business.

Make better decisions with iPlanner’s Microsoft Business Intelligence:

  • Structure and Organize Data – use the power of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Information Services and Analysis Services to extract, transform and load your corporate data into data warehouses with the right data cubes, dimensions and measures to support all of your analysis needs.
  • Choose Visualization and Presentation Tools – select from SQL Server Reporting Services to deliver transactional and graphical reports with powerful drill down to your users. Or combine Performance Point, PowerPivot and PowerView to deliver a range of user experiences from dashboards, scorecards and KPIs to highly interactive data exploration and the ability to manipulate large data sets using the power of in-memory computing.
  • Centralize and Manage Securely – Harmonize your corporate and departmental reporting by delivering them through SharePoint, maintaining a single version of the truth and keeping your data centralized and secure.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In a volatile global economy, companies look for new ways to automate and streamline their organization’s CRM strategy. They need a system that provides members across the company with access to up-to-date information and new ways to respond to changes quickly.

  • Single customer-data view promotes an informed and consistent customer engagement.
  • Powerful business functionality supports your sales, marketing and customer service operations.
  • Strong customization features and a built-in workflow engine make it easy to adapt to meet your specific information and business process needs.
  • Access the system via a web browser, the Microsoft Outlook client, or mobile device make it available to your users wherever they may be.
  • Familiar Microsoft user interface aids ease of adoption for users, lowering implementation and training costs.
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft products delivers greater efficiencies to the organization with automated information flows and reduced duplication of data entry.
  • Delivery options including On-demand, On-Premise and Hosted makes it easy for you to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM with iPlanner.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Banking

In order for small to mid-sized banks to attract customers and differentiate themselves from other financial institutions, they must provide a customer experience that exceeds their larger competitors.
Integrating disparate systems and applications into a single, unified CRM system allow financial institutions—like regional or local Banks—to run more efficiently, increasing customer loyalty and overall service.
iPlanner’s Dynamics CRM for Banks solution integrates your core systems and applications, and extends the value of your current IT infrastructure. You also gain greater customer insight—driven by integrated data and reporting tools—which lets you deliver a consistently high-level of customer service across all business units.

Benefits of iPlanner’s Dynamics CRM for Banks
  • Gather consistent customer data in a single repository to better understand each customer’s worth and to enhance customer relations.
  • Reduced IT costs and complexity with a flexible infrastructure.
  • Import data from other systems and use BI capabilities to build reports and dashboards.
  • Run your business in real-time, without the need to invest in data replication, synchronization, and duplicate storage of the financial data within Dynamics CRM.
  • Use familiar Microsoft Office-Outlook® interface to drive quicker user adoption and reduce training costs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Local and Regional Government

Local authorities are under huge pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, while maintaining high levels of service and customer satisfaction for their constituents.
The iPlanner Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution for Local Government is a multi-channel, citizen-service-management platform that offers the ease of use and process automation to help staff operate more efficiently and more responsively across the breadth of council services.
It provides a consistent way of capturing all interactions with constituents across multiple channels, automatically routes service requests to the relevant back-office department or team, tracks that service against any service-level agreements and ensures that any updates or resolutions are rapidly delivered back to the contact center and to the client.


Key benefits of the iPlanner solution include:
  • All relevant customer and case information is available to staff enabling an informed service for all customer queries.
  • Intelligent call guides ensure that data is captured correctly, delivering dramatic increases in resolution rates and reducing unnecessary demands on back office staff.
  • Multiple interaction channels are supported so the client experiences a consistent integrated experience whether they telephone the call center, visit the contact center or use self-service via the web.
  • Rapid deployment helps to deliver a fast return on investment.
  • Training demands are low because the system guides the council staff as well as the client
  • Skills transfer ensures that the council becomes self-sufficient in adding or adapting processes to support new or modified services into the future.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Suite for Healthcare


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Suite for Healthcare is a set of customizable tools and workflows that allows the Health Plan industry to accelerate an enterprise level adoption of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM development platform. This solution gives your organization the flexibility to design your applications around your business, rather than your business around the applications.  Built-in features include role-based, user-designed screens, field-level security, and field-level auditing that will assist your team in meeting compliance regulations.  The system is familiar to your users since they will access it though Outlook, which enhances the overall adoption and their productivity during the go-live phase of the implementation.

Our proven methodology of integrating business process into best-of-breed, off-the-shelf business application platforms, will accelerate your application development life cycles, and allow your company to go to market quicker with programs addressing these new regulations. Since our base system is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM development platform, making changes to your system as your business requirements change will now take hours instead of months.

Microsoft SharePoint

Effective collaboration and access to information is essential to help any organization be efficient and deliver a good service.

Why iPlanner for Microsoft SharePoint?

iPlanner is a leading Microsoft partner for SharePoint with a vast array of experience. From corporate web sites and global intranets, to document management and business process solutions, iPlanner has the expertise to help you deploy SharePoint to enable your organization to collaborate and share information efficiently and securely.