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The demand for cost-effective, performance-efficient content delivery continues to increase, as does the type of content – from files, web pages, video, media, and others – that end users are requesting. iPlanner offers a variety of Content Distribution Services to address your specific content type and performance requirements. Our solutions are ideal for ISVs that want to distribute software electronically or IT organizations that need to optimize delivery of web content, media files, and others.

iPlanner Delta Edge – Enhance Delivery Performance of Dynamic Web Content

iPlanner's DeltaEdge™ solution specializes in increasing the delivery performance of dynamic site content. DeltaEdge operates by building a copy of the website on the “edge”, and once created, identifies and passes only the dynamic (or changed) web components to that edge. As a result, only dynamic components need to be refreshed, thereby reducing latency, the load on the content origin, and the bandwidth required to transmit changes.

iPlanner HotRoute® - Speed Distribution of All Content to End Users

iPlanner HotRoute® is a network-based proximity detection service that automatically selects the nearest server or caching device to deliver requested content. The HotRoute technology determines the location of the end user and dynamically adjusts network paths between an end user and the closest content server to optimize data delivery from multiple data centers. HotRoute is designed to optimize delivery of any type of content, whether it’s a web object, a download file, application software, music, or on-demand video.

iPlanner’s Faster-Than-Light ™ (FTL) option uses iPlanner’s HotRoute® capabilities to accelerate delivery of large files, data libraries, and software on a global basis.

iPlanner’s Cache-on-Demand ™ (CoD) option leverages iPlanner HotRoute® to accelerate distribution of streaming audio, video, and web content on a global basis.

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