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Dedicated Services

iPlanner provides highly-available and cost-effective Application Management and IT Infrastructure Hosting for your business applications and technology investments. Our extensive portfolio of services covers a broad range of services, including:
iPlanner Dedicated Hosting services, designed specifically for small to mid-sized organizations, provide enterprise-class, dedicated server hosting services at a compelling price. We offer packaged, managed dedicated hosting solutions with flexible options to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. And, iPlanner delivers three-dimensional scalability, enabling you to easily expand your dedicated hosting infrastructure within the data center, extend your geographical reach across our 14 data centers, and/or add other managed services as your needs grow. With iPlanner’s service level guarantee, rock-solid infrastructure and network, and proven experience that you can rely on, our Dedicated Hosting Services are Always There® when you need them

Automated Workflows

iPlanner utilizes a solid methodology for all aspects of our dedicated web hosting services. We have extensive, proven processes in key areas such as Change management, Event management, Incident management, Problem management, Disaster recovery, and Security. Using proprietary tools and leading technologies, iPlanner has automated these workflows to ensure a quick response to our customers’ needs and requirements. In addition, NaviView – iPlanner’s Customer Management Portal - encapsulates these workflows, enabling customers to easily submit dedicated hosting service requests, view tickets, and approve changes online. Click here to view a Flash Demo of NaviView

Industry Best Practices and Certifications

iPlanner is strongly committed to industry best practices and achieving the highest standards for our own business and our customers’ IT processes. This commitment is exemplified by two rigorous certifications that iPlanner has achieved: SAS 70 Type II Audit and Microsoft Gold Certification. These certifications also play a key role in helping our customers achieve regulatory compliance, such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Global Delivery Capability

iPlanner is a pioneer in effectively blending onshore and offshore teams, using our unique global delivery model, to deliver cost-effective, high-quality dedicated hosting and web hosting solutions. With this model, customers benefit from 24x7 ‘round-the-clock’ service across geographies, with an emphasis on localized client management and support.

Online Backup Services

iPlanner’s Online Backup Service supports our dedicated web hosting services with completely automated, disk-based backup and recovery, providing up-to-the-minute protection of your critical web hosting servers. Via a secure connection to your network, online backups are conducted automatically and without human intervention, safely transfering and storing data to a secure data vault within iPlanner’s data center. Before transfer, backup data is encrypted and remains so until it is restored to the client’s dedicated server. Customers can choose to keep backup data for either a 7-day or 30-day retention period, and alternate retention periods can be arranged.

Virtual Private Network Services

iPlanner provides site-to-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services for dedicated web hosting customers that require secure data transport between the customer premises and iPlanner data centers. The iPlanner VPN solutions use public communications networks, like the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure, cost-effective, network access to their organization's dedicated servers. All data traffic over the VPN is encrypted to provide protected system access and content uploads and downloads. These VPN solutions are an affordable and scalable alternative to private-line or leased-line services for achieving safe, remote access to managed hosting resources.

Managed Firewall

iPlanner offers Managed Firewall Services for managed web hosting customers that require a high degree of security protection and monitoring for their web sites. This solution includes installation and configuration, system and security monitoring, and the ongoing management of these devices. Specific components of the service include implementation of the firewall policy based upon the customer’s security requirements, all required hardware and software licenses, installation, configuration, and maintenance of the firewall hardware and software, and 24x7 platform monitoring and response by iPlanner.

DNS Management

iPlanner also offers Domain Name Space (DNS) Services for web hosting customers. With this service, iPlanner takes responsibility for transferring up to ten domain names per customer, assumes technical contact responsibility for our dedicated hosting customers’ DNS records and name resolution authority, and sets up customer domain zone files on iPlanner’s primary and secondary DNS dedicated servers. On an ongoing basis, iPlanner monitors and manages primary and secondary DNS servers to provide our managed hosting customers with a redundant DNS resolution.

Content Distribution Services

iPlanner offers a variety of Content Distribution (CDN) Services to address your specific performance requirements. All of our solutions leverage intelligence from the global network footprint to make smart decisions about the routes that data should travel to the end user. This means that content delivered from iPlanner dedicated servers or caching appliances takes the optimum path, reaching the end-user as fast as if it were cached at thousands of edge devices.

Security Assessment Services

iPlanner offers comprehensive Security Assessment Services that identify security vulnerabilities within your organization and provide detailed recommendations for tightening organizational boundaries. These services include:

Network Security Vulnerability Assessment –

Perimeter assessment of publicly available network access points, internal networks, and wireless networks

Risk Management Assessment -

Evaluation of organizational security policies, procedures, and practices for compliance with respect to organizational strategic objectives, stated/implied business requirements, industry best practices, third-party/partner requirements, domestic and international laws, and valid threat models

Physical Security Assessment –

Comprehensive analysis of physical security vulnerabilities

Email and Wireless Solutions

iPlanner provides complete, 24x7 Managed Messaging and Wireless Messaging services for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino platforms. We also offer a variety of related messaging services, including messaging archival and retrieval, instant messaging, anti-spam and anti-virus protection, and data protection/disaster recovery services.