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Professional Services

ERP Application Consulting

iPlanner Professional Services (NPS) has significant competency across the spectrum of ERP applications and business processes. Whether you need to implement, upgrade, or optimize an Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft Enterprise solution, NPS can help you maximize the value of your enterprise application.

iPlanner consultants design solutions using a business process flow approach, ensuring that your ERP application directly supports your company's own unique business processes while also integrating data across corporate functions for a more holistic view of the company.

Key ERP focus areas for iPlanner Professional Services include:

Financial Management


Financial Management Oracle and PeopleSoft application consulting services to support critical financial processes, reporting, and compliance requirements

Human Capital Management


Application implementation, upgrade, and optimization, as well as staff augmentation services, for Oracle and PeopleSoft Human Capital Management solutions



Best-practice implementation, upgrade, and optimization services for Oracle Advanced Procurement and PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management applications



Comprehensive implementation and integration services for the Oracle Projects family of applications to support the complete project management lifecycle

Supply Chain Management End-to-end consulting services for Oracle and PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management applications iPlanner's Professional Services team is committed to delivering solutions that drive real value for your organization. Whether you need to implement a specific ERP solution, or the complete suite of ERP applications, iPlanner ensures that your enterprise application supports both short-term objectives and your long-term needs

Professional Services

CRM Application Consulting

CRM applications can provide valuable insight into your prospect base, help increase sales, and foster tighter, more profitable relationships with customers. The practical challenge, however, is ensuring that all relevant customer data is appropriately shared among the Marketing, Sales, and Service functions of your organization and that end users actually use the system for day-to-day customer relationship management..



Sales process optimization using Oracle E-Business Sales, Oracle CRM Foundation, and Siebel Sales applications



Demand creation and business development support leveraging Oracle E-Business Sales, Oracle CRM Foundation, and Siebel Sales applications



Delivering exceptional customer service through Oracle E-Business Service, Oracle CRM Foundation, and Siebel Service applications

Through our end-to-end CRM consulting and staff augmentation services, NPS is focused on helping you generate real value for your customers and your organization.

iPlanner Professional Services

Professional Services
iPlanner Professional Services (NPS) helps organizations maximize their enterprise application investment, leveraging our industry domain expertise and global delivery capabilities to design solutions that have a direct and positive impact on your business

Oracle eBusiness Suite

PeopleSoft Enterprise
Siebel CRM and Analytics
Oracle Technology Products, including Fusion Middleware, enterprise architecture, and application technology tools Our consultants are well-versed in functional business processes and applied/core technology to assist with your Oracle application and Oracle technology implementation projects

Industry Domain Expertise

iPlanner consultants have extensive industry and applications expertise, based upon years of experience working with the Fortune 500 and mid-market companies. Prior to becoming consultants, the majority of our team held positions such as CFO, Controller, VP or Director of Operations or IT in businesses like yours. Our industry domain expertise includes manufacturing & distribution, high tech, retail, financial services, healthcare & pharmaceutical, services, media, communications & publishing, and the public sector. iPlanner consultants combine industry best practices with detailed application knowledge to deliver solutions that address your specific business challenges.

Global Delivery Capabilities

iPlanner Professional Services leverages a global delivery model with our own offshore consultants located around the world. This enables iPlanner to accelerate delivery of turnkey, quality solutions because we can work around the clock..

The Value of iPlanner Professional Services

NPS has helped hundreds of customers plan, implement, and improve their business information systems. We help clients:

Implement solutions that effectively support a complete business process, not functional silos Define a clear and detailed roadmap for success, including a thorough analysis of potential risks and steps to minimize their probability

Design solutions that scale and support application evolution well beyond the term of the consulting engagement

Execute projects on-time and cost-effectively, leveraging the global delivery capabilities of iPlanner consultants who can work around the clock

Expand our clients’ own application expertise by providing local, personalized service, knowledge-transfer, and tools/processes the customer can continue to use long after the project is completed

iPlanner’s Professional Services team is committed to earning a trusted advisor role in your organization and directly contributing to your success. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you for all of your Oracle applications and Oracle technology needs