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Oracle Applications
Sales Force

With IPlanner and Salesforce, we empower your organization with cloud-based CRM, service and development tools to create a collaborative experience between your organization and your customers, allowing you to more effectively engage with them while delivering your products and services.

iPlanner provides you with the vision and services needed to implement your Salesforce platform. Our services include Salesforce consulting, Salesforce custom application development, quality assurance and implementation.

We offer:

  • Full Implementations of CRM
  • Call center and Customer Service applications
  • Cloud and architecture strategy development
  • Salesforce Consulting and Implementation
  • application development
  • Digital marketing
  • Business process and change management consulting
  • Custom cloud application integration
  • Data migration
  • Mobile deployment


With IPlanner’s Salesforce offerings, we help your organization increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. We will help you strategize the best way to develop and deploy your applications. Our cloud services will provide you with solutions that help you focus your attention on your business needs and increase the speed of deploying applications that help grow your business. Solutions

  • Salesforce Platform for Lotus Notes
  • Cloud Services Brokerage
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Physician Relationship Management (PhysRM) for
  • Cloud Development

IPlanner Expertise

  • We support the complex layers of a multi-faceted enterprise
  • IPlanner collaborates with your organization to optimize business processes and provide customized application development solutions
  • IPlanner will help you define your cloud strategy and architecture
  • We have a dedicated team for sales, service and custom application development
  • IPlanner’s Mobile Solutions, Business Intelligence, Managed Services and Digital Marketing offerings complement your cloud strategy
  • IPlanner is Certified Partner 

Salesforce Service Cloud

Build an integrated customer service experience that bridges the gap between your call center, website and social media channels. Salesforce Service Cloud offers comprehensive capabilities to transform your organization to work the way today's customers expect. Tap in to customer conversations no matter where they happen, whether it is with a call center rep, on the web, or over social networks, Salesforce Service Cloud lets you rapidly deploy a best-in-class solution with all the benefits of the most trusted cloud computing platform in the marketplace.
IPlanner’s Services:
  • Custom Saleforce application cloud development for the Enterprise
  • Constituent portals for public sector organizations
  • CRM and Service application integration with ERP, back office and custom systems
  • Deployment of applications on mobile platforms
  • Collaboration on an employee social network (Chatter)
  • Salesforce cloud computing and other cloud services